1999 Poet s Market, By Chantelle Bentley (1998)

1999 Poet s Market, By Chantelle Bentley (1998)
1800 Paces to publish your poetry. 400 publishing opportunities.. 1100 
journals and magazines .. 200 chapbook publishers .. 500 book publishers 
.. 200 contests .. 1200 phone numbers .. more than 300 emails addresses 
and websites ... includes submission guidelines, contact names & reporting 
times ..The book content include: how to publish your poetry, using poets 
market..poetry submission etiquettes..publishers of poetry..craft of poetry 
and marketing poems..poetry organizations useful to poets..poetry 
publications useful to poets..poetry websites useful to poets..publications 
accepting email submissions..poetic forms and styles..

*** MORE INFO ***
Title: 1999 Poet s Market
Nonfiction Books	
Publisher: Writers Digest Books
Edition Description: Updated
ISBN: 	089879854X
Category: Reference
Format: Softcover
Publication Year: 	1998
Condition: 	Barely Used
Editor:	Chantelle Bentley

Length:	604 pages
Height:	9.3 in.
Width:	7.0 in.
Thickness:	1.2 in.
Weight:	24.8 oz.

"A winning combination for poets who want to break into print".--"American
 Reference Book Annual".

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