Writing for Results, In Business, Government & the Professions,

Writing for Results, In Business, Government & the Professions,
This book is meant for managers, executives, and staff specialists in business government, education. ... It fit the needs of salespeople, lawyers, engineers, architects, doctors, and other professionals, as well as teachers, professors, and students of business writing. Its purpose is help you write more effectively and get better results from reports, letters, memoranda (memo), or even publishing books, manuals, guides, and manuscripts. It is a writing communication tool. The book has four parts: NEED, SUBSTANCE, EXPRESSION, & CONCLUSION. It covers all details of writing effectively: Persuasion, Organizing facts and ideas, convincing written analysis, presentation patterns, Tone, Coherence, Clear writing, Correctness and style. MORE INFO: Writing for Results Textbooks, Education, Business Author: David W. Ewing Format: Hard Cover ISBN: 0471249629 Publication Year: 1974 Product Type: Condition: rarely Used, like new 466 pages

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