Writing Skills for Technical Students, By Sara Lewis (1988)

Writing Skills for Technical Students, By Sara Lewis (1988)
*** ABOUT THE BOOK *** This book is designed for adult learners who need to review grammar and writing skills in order to write (the English language) clearly and concisely on the job. Its format provides for diagnosis, instruction and practice in 14 self paced modules (individualized or classroom methods). The book have 11 grammar modules, a module on paragraph writing, a module on report writing, a module on business letter writing. spelling aids are given on the appendix. There is numerous examples geared for technical students and engineers and other professions. Content of the book include: Verbs (action, linking, helping, irregular,). Adjectives, adverbs (good and well) and comparison. verbal phrases and prepositional phrases. Subject-Verb agreement, interfering words, indefinite pronoun subjects, compound subjects and verbs. Independent and dependent clauses, appropriate clause connectors. punctuation patterns, comma rules, apostrophe (possession). Fragments and run-ons. pronouns as subjects, pronouns as subject complements, pronouns as direct objects, pronouns as objects of prepositions, possessive pronouns, pronoun rules, pronoun-antecedent agreement. Paragraph writing, topic sentence, subject, controlling idea, concluding sentence. developing unity coherence and organizing paragraph writing, The reasons paragraph, examples paragraph, the pro and con paragraph, the process paragraph. shifts in voice, shifts in tense, shifts in person, shifts in number. Clarity: pronoun reference, misplaced and unclear modifiers, word usage, parallel construction. Accelerating techniques: eliminating unnecessary words, avoiding cliches and slang, combining like subjects and verbs, subordinating ideas, reducing dependent clauses. Report writing: outlining, technical procedure report, persuasive report, interview report, recommendation report, summary report. Business letter writing: psychology of business writing, planning, format, request letter, letter that says No, social business letter, resume and letter of application, the memo letter, memorudam letter, transmittal letter and transmittal memo. spelling aids, prefixes and suffixes, doubling final consonants, IE and EI, Dropping final E, Changing Y to I, *** MORE INFO *** Title: Writing Skills for Technical Students Textbooks, Education Author: Sara Lewis Format: Paperback ISBN: 0139707816 Edition: 2 (1988), Edition Description: Illustrated Publication Year: 1988 Condition: Used ** 356 pages ** EL5

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