F'd Companies By Philip Kaplan

<b>F\'d Companies</b> By Philip Kaplan
F'd Companies
Author: Philip Kaplan

This is a great book with insight into the dot com bubble blow out. Very 
funny, though crude humor! (warning: foul language)

Title: F'd Companies
Author: Philip Kaplan
Year: 2002


The book includes the following sections:

1. tough ship
pets.com  webvan Kosmo.com furniture.com

2. solution in search of a problem
eRegister.com iHarvest.com Third Voice Wwwrr.com eMaker ...
and many others

3. if it sounds too good to be true ...

4. messy ending

5. quit while you re ahead

6. .... you get the picture ...

Basicly it lists dot com companies that have gone (belly up) out of 
business, or bankrupt, and the common sense reasons for their failure as 
web based businesses. Great behind the scenes info about these massive 
capital investment failure, with respect to these dot com companies.

Incedentaly, the title "F'd" is acronym for a famous bad word ... you got 
the picture.

*** More Info ***

Kaplan brings humor to the great Internet bubble burst in 2000 in this book
 based on his notorious website. F'D COMPANIES offers short takes on 
many of the sudden online deaths, flame-outs, and horrible business 
debacles that crowned the Internet heyday.

191 pages
Height:	7.5 in.
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Not long ago, the world was awash with venture capital in search of the 
next Yahoo! or Amazon.com. No product, no experience, no technology, no
 business plan--no problem. You could still get $40 million from investors to
 start up your dot-com. And you could get people to work around the clock 
for stock options and the promise of millions. Then, around April 2000, it all
 came crashing down.
Smart investors, esteemed analysts, and the business press found 
themselves asking:
Who knew people wouldn't rush out to trade in their U.S. dollars for a 
virtual currency called Flooz?
Who knew people wouldn't blow all their Flooz on a used car from the guys 
at iMotors.com?
And who needed a used car from iMotors.com when they could just sit at 
home and have 40-lb. bags of dog food delivered to them by a sock 
F'd Companies captures the waste, greed, and human stupidity of more 
than 100 dot-com companies. Written in Philip J. Kaplan's popular, cynical 
style, these profiles are filled with colorful anecdotes, factoids, and 
information unavailable anywhere else. Together they form a gleeful 
encyclopedia of how not to run a business. They also capture a truly 
remarkable period of history.
F'd Companies is required reading for everyone involved in the "new 
economy" -- assuming your severance check can cover the cost.

Nonfiction Books	
Category: Business & Economics
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN-10: 0743228626
Condition: Used
Format: Hardcover
Publication Year: 2002

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