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Patterns of Shock, By Katherine J. Bordicks (1965)

Patterns of Shock, By Katherine J. Bordicks (1965)
"This Book is about Shock and it implications for nursing care. It includes 
the physiologic patterns of patient major shock conditions that are 
encountered very often in the practice of nursing.

This book has three major Parts, nine chapters and two appendices. the 
major parts are: 

I. Scientific background basic for understanding Shock
II. Normal Versus Abnormal circulation of Blood: Physiological Implications
III. Three Patterns of Shock. (Hematogenic Shock, Cardiogenic Shock, 
Nerogenic shock, and vasogenic shock (shock due to decreased Vascular 
Also a classification of shock and of Anoxia are presented in this book.

* Title: Patterns of  Shock, Implications for Nursing Care
* Author: Katherine J. Bordicks
* Format: Binding Unknown
* Publication Year: 1965

Textbooks, Education	
Format: Hard Cover
Edition Description: 	Illustrated
Product Type: 	Educational Level: 	 
Publication Year: 1965
Condition: Used 

Pages:	279 pages

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