Creating Technical Manuals - Textbooks, Education, By Gerald Coh

Creating Technical Manuals - Textbooks, Education, By Gerald Coh
*** About This Book ***
This is a practical guide for creating technical manuals or instructional
 materials It has an effective communication tool. This book shows you 
how to: collect information, select and organize data for maximum 
relevancy, structure the presentation for your intended audience. This 
book is applicable for large or small manuals. In addition the book 
presents the subject of writing for the world of computers, how to create 
instructional kits and online documentation. Other topics include rules for 
effective writing... examples of solutions to writing situations ... planning 
and writing based on the readers or users needs ... explaining the function 
of a product or procedure weather in business, in sales or engineering... 
creating the how to do it part of instruction manuals or installation guides...
 designing troubleshooting charts, tables, and procedures...emphasizing 
layouts, graphics and formats as visual aids to following complicated 
procedures ... how to gather materials and information from subject matter
 experts ...

Creating technical manuals, a step by step approach to writing user 
friendly instructions
Demonstrates how to explain the nature of a product or procedure, 
describes troubleshooting techniques, and plan the organization of a 

*** More Info ***
Title: Creating Technical Manuals - Textbooks, Education, By Gerald 
Cohen, Donald H. Cunningham, Ph.D.
Author: Donald H. Cunningham, Gerald & Cunningham, Donald H. Cohen
Format: Paperback
Publisher: 	McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 	0070115842
Publication Year: 1984
Condition: Barely Used 
160 pages

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