Financial Accounting 3rd edition, by Libby

Financial Accounting 3rd edition, by Libby
Financial Accounting 3rd edition
By Robert Libby, Patricia A. Libby, Daniel G. Short

rarely used accounting text book

chap1) Financial statements and business decisions
chap 2) investing and financing decisions and the balance sheet
chap 3) operating decisions and the income statement
chap 4) the adjustment process and financial statements
chap 5) communicating and interpreting accounting information

chap 6) reporting and interpreting sales revenue, receivables, and cash
chap 7) reporting and interpreting cost of goods sold and inventory
chap 8) reporting and interpreting property plant and equipment; natural
resources, and intangibles
chap 9) reporting and interpreting liabilities
chap 10) reporting and interpreting bonds
chap 11) reporting and interpreting owners equity's
chap 12) reporting and interpreting investments in other corporations
chap 13) statement of cash flows
chap 14) analyzing financial statements
appendix a) present and future value tables
appendix b) american eagle oufitters anual report
appendix c) urban outfitters anual report
appendix d) standard poor's industry ratio report
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3rd edition
publisher McGraw-Hill
isbn 0072300353
year 2001

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