The Perfect Business Plan Made Simple By William Lasher, Ph.D.,

The Perfect Business Plan Made Simple By William Lasher, Ph.D.,
Used Book for sale at http://technobookstore.com The Perfect Business Plan Made Simple By William Lasher, Ph.D., CPA


What Is a Business Plan? An Overview Components and Structure 3 A Generic Outline 4 Some Important Ideas to Keep in Mind

Why Do We Need a Business Plan? Impact on Management Financing Sources and Other Outsiders A Road Map for Running the Business The Broad Business Planning Process Relating the Small Business Plan to the Broad Planning Process

The perrect (Successful) Business Plan and the Target Audience Principle Business Planning and the Background of the Planner Focusing on the Plan as a Sales Tool The Target Audience Principle Target Audiences New Ventures and Venture Capitalists Lenders-Usually Banks Corporate Business Planning

In Pursuit of Money: More on Getting Financed Financing Basics Debt Equity Hybrid Investments Sources of Financing and How to Deal with Them Banks

Venture Capital

Other Sources of Money How Financial People Will Read Your Plan


The Executive Summary and Statements of Mission and Strategy The Executive Summary The Purpose of the Business Plan's Executive Summary How to Write the Executive Summary Statements of Mission and Strategy The Mission Defining the Business Stating the Long Term Goals Mission Statement Examples Strategy Strategy Basics Effective Strategy Generic Strategies Writing a Strategy Statement Mission and Strategy in the Business Plan

The Entrepreneur and the Management Team The Importance of the People The Financial Backer's Perception Professional Help How to Write the Management Section Organization and Responsibilities The Staffing Plan Management's Salaries Policies and Human Resource Strategies

Marketing and Sales: The Revenue Forecast - The Basis for All Planning Introduction

How to Write the Marketing and Sales Section Product or Service Description

Market Description Niche Plans

Market Research

Competitors Promotion and Advertising Market Share Marketing Plan/Strategy Location Pricing Revenue Levels The Sales Plan Appendices The Commission Plan Accuracy and Detail Selecting Your Location

Operations: Production, Equipment, and Research Introduction Requirements of Different Businesses The Attitude of Plan Readers The Danger of Being Too Technical in the Plan Choosing Your Level of Detail How to Write the Operations Section Inputs-Material Inputs-Labor Facilities

Capital Equipment Processes Proprietary Information Research and Development Milestones (PERT) Service and Support External Influences

Contingency Plans: What to Do If Things Don't Go According to Plan Introduction Recognizing a Miss The Importance of Timing Contingency Planning The Presentation of Contingency Thinking

Special Considerations for a Service Business Introduction Your Place or Mine?-Field Service or Bring It In The Nature of Your Service Business

Pricing a Service Other Factors to Consider

Break Even Analysis Introduction Fixed and Variable Costs Break Even Diagrams Calculating Break Even Using Break Even Analysis-A Retail Location Writing up the Break Even Analysis in a Business Plan Extending Break Even to Include Profit and ROI


A Short Course In Finance for Nonfinancial Planners What Are Financial Statements? The Three Financial Statements The Accounting System The Income Statement The Balance Sheet





The Cash Flow Statement Ratio Analysis Ratios

Cost Accounting

How to Make Financial Projections lor Your Business The Role of Financial Forecasts in the Business Plan Projecting Physical Activity First The General Approach Getting Started: Projecting Physical Things-Then Dollars Example: A Small Manufacturing Start-Up


Appendix A: A Self-Test to See If You're Cut Out to Be in Small Business Appendix B: The Pros and Cons of Buying an Existing Business

Appendix C: What About a Franchise? Appendix D: The Small Business Administration (SBA)

Appendix E: Sample Business Plans Appendix F: Glossary Index

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Starting your own business is an American Dream. Whether you're an inexperienced businessperson or a seasoned entrepreneur, there's one thing you must do before taking the plunge: Write a plan that will win you the all-important financial backing.

THE PERFECT BUSINESS PLAN MADE SIMPLE approaches the business plan as a sales document, the most important part of selling a business idea to a financial backer, whether a bank or a venture capitalist. This is the most up-to-date, authoritative book on writing business plans.

Explanations of why a business plan is necessary and of the target audience principle. II Comprehensive chapters on the executive summary and mission statement, and on management, marketing, sales, research, production, and finance. II Sophisticated yet accessible, this book gives not only complete instructions on how to write every section of the business plan, but also enables the novice to understand the whole business-planning process. Appendices include complete sample business plans and a test to see if you're cut out to run your own business.

Growing Your Small Business Made Simple Intermediate Algebra and Analytic Geometry Made Simple Italian Made Simple Latin Made Simple tearning English Made Simple Mathematics Made Simple Money. Banking. and Credit Made Simple Office Management Made Simple The Perfect Business Plan Made Simple

ISBN 0385469349
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Publishers: Doubleday Dell Publishing Group
Year: 1994

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