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Effective Human Relations in Organizations, fth Edition, Barry

Effective Human Relations in Organizations, fth Edition,  Barry
Effective Human Relations in Organizations, fth Edition, Barry L. Reece & honda Brandt

ISBN: 0395638925 ** Year: 1993 ** Publisher: Houghton Mifflin ** condition: rarely used like new ** Price: $29 including shipping.

This book is composed of six major parts and seventeen Chap. No. s. The foloowing are the major book parts: (1) Human Relations: The Key to Success (2)Career Success Begins with Knowing Yourself (3)Personal Strategies for Improving Human Relations (4) If We All Work Together (5) Special Challenges in Human Relations (6)You Can Plan for Success

The following are the major book chapters headings:

Chap. No. 1: Introduction to Human Relations *** The Nature, Purpose, and Importance of Human Relations *** The Forces Influencing Behavior at Work *** The Development of the Human Relations Movement *** Major Themes in Human Relations *** Human Relations: Benefits to You *** Cases: The Human Factor at Hallmark, Culture Shock ***

Chap. No. 2: Improving Personal and Organizational *** Communications *** The Communication Process *** Communication Filters *** How to Improve Personal Communication *** Communication Channels in Organizations *** How to Improve Organizational Communication Communication and International Business *** Cases: Railroad Merger Derails Communication Case, General Electric's, Chilling Tale Suggested Readings ***

Chap. No. 3: Attitudes Can Shape Your Life *** What Is an AttitUde? *** How AttitUdes Are Formed *** AttitUdes Valued by Employers *** How to Change AttitUdes *** Organizations Are Making Adjustments *** Cases: Worker Involvement: Is It Worth It?, Johnson Wax's Worldwide Family Ties

Chap. No. 4: Building High Self-Esteem *** Self- Esteem Defined *** Self-Esteem and Success at Work *** The Power of Expectations *** How to Build Self-Esteem *** Casees: Slowing the Revolving Door, Unmanagement at W.L. Gore & Associates S

Chap. No. 5: Understanding Your Communication Style *** Communication Styles: An Introduction The Communication Style Model *** Determining Your Communication Style Versatility: The Third Dimension *** A Final Word of Caution *** Cases: A Matter of Style, Hiring Financial Counselors

Chap. No. 6: Motivating Yourself and Others *** The Complex Nature of Motivation Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs *** McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y *** Ouchi's Theory Z *** Contemporary Employee Motivation Strategies *** Cases: No Commissions Allowed, Reflexite Is "Sold" ***

Chap. No. 7: Personal and Organizational Values: Making the *** Best Ethical Choices *** The Strength of Character *** How Personal Values Are Formed *** Value Conflicts *** Development of Organizational Values *** Harmonizing Personal and Organizational Values *** Corporate Values and Ethical Choices *** Cases: Whistle-Blowers: Fight or Flight?, Hall of Shame

Chap. No. 8: Building Trust with Constructive Self-Disclosure *** Self-Disclosure: An Introduction *** The Johari Window: A Model for Self- Understanding *** Appropriate Self-Disclosure *** Barriers to Self-Disclosure in an Organizational Setting *** Practice Self- Disclosure *** Cases: Privacy Issues in the Workplace, A Manager's Perceptions of Disclosure ***

Chap. No. 9: Learning to Achieve Emotional Control *** Emotional Control: An Introduction *** Conscious Versus Subconscious Influences *** Transactional Analysis: An Introduction *** Achieving Greater Emotional Control *** Cases: Crossed Transaction in an Emergency, Breaking the Conference Budget

Chap. No. 10: The Power of Positive Reinforcement *** Personal and Organizational Growth Through *** Positive Reinforcement *** Our Need for Positive Reinforcement *** Forms of Positive Reinforcement *** Removing Barriers to Positive Reinforcement *** Cases: Seeking Suggestions, Mary Kay Is Having a Party

Chap. No. 11: The Power of Positive Impressions *** Making a Good Impression *** The Image You Project *** Cases: What You See Is Not Necessarily What You Get, Do We Need an Employee Handbook?

Chap. No. 12: Team Building: A Leadership Strategy *** Team Building: An Introduction Team Building Guidelines for Leaders Situational Leadership *** Team Building: The Employee's Role *** Cases: Building Trust at Quad *** Graphics, Competition or Cooperation ***

CChap. No. 13: Managing Conflict Constructively *** Conflict: An Everyday Affair *** Strategies for Dealing with Conflict *** Key Elements of Conflict Resolution *** Labor's Role in Conflict Management *** Union and Management: Conflict or Cooperation *** Cases: Japanese-style Management in Auto Alley, The Pittston Pact

Chap. No. 14: Adapting to Personal and Work-Related Stress *** The Impact of Stress in Our Lives *** Work-Related Stressors *** Stress Management Strategies *** Burnout *** Cases: Wellness Programs Start Small, Worker's Compensation for Stress?

Chap. No. 15: Valuing Work Force Diversity *** The Nature of Diversity *** Prejudiced Attitudes *** Discrimination *** The Issue of Valuing Diversity *** Enhancing Diversity *** Cases: Disabilities in the Work Force, Aging America ***

Chap. No. 16: The Changing Roles of Men and Women *** Traditional Roles Are Changing *** Problems Facing Women in Organizations *** Problems Facing Men in Organizations *** Sexual Harassment *** Coping with Gender-Biased Behavior *** Cases: *** Women Fight Back *** Ignorance Is No Excuse ***

Chap. No. 17: A Life Plan for Effective Human Relations *** Toward a New Definition of Success *** Toward Right Livelihood *** Developing a Healthy Lifestyle *** Planning for Changes in Your Life *** The Choice Is Yours *** Appendix: Human Relations Abilities Assessment Form *** The NWNL Workplace Stress Test *** Case credits continued ***

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