The Library of Entertainment, Vol III Illustrated (1910)

The Library of Entertainment, Vol III Illustrated (1910)

The Library of Entertainment, Vol III Illustrated (1910)

Publisher: Geo. Shuman & co.
Year: 1910
446 pages
hard cover
excellent condition

A collection of novels, poetry, and essays from many famous authors include some from 500 BC! Some Roman! (excellent 
old readings) : includes:

Caine (from the Bondman), by Thomas Henry Hall (1853-?)

Calderon, by Pedro Calderon De La Barca (Madrid 1600-1681)

Wizard (Wizard-Lochiel, Lochiel's Warning), By Thomas Cambell (Scotland, 1777-1844)
Ye Mariners of England (poem, by Cambell)
Battle of the Baltic (poem, by Cambell)
Exile of Erin (poem, by Cambell)
Lord Ullin's Daughter (poem, by Cambell)
The Soldier's dream (poem, by Cambell)
Hohenlinden, (poem, by Cambell)

Poems by Thomas Carew, Oxford 1598-1639 Mediocrity in love rejected Disdain returned The Compliment Ask me no more Sally in our ally, by Henry Carey (England 1696-1743) The Everlasting No (from sartor Resartus), By Thomas Carlyle (Scotland 1795-1881) Lewis Carroll (English 1832-1898) A mad tea party, The White Knight, JabberWocky Alice and Phoebe Cary (Ohio, 1820 ...) An order for a picture, Nearer Home, C. Valerrius Catullus (Roman poet 84 B.C. - 54 B.C.) To Cornelius Nepos To Lesbia's Sparrow On the Death of the Sparrow Sirmio Benvenuto Cellini (Florence, 1500-1571) The casting of the perseus Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra (Spain 1547-1616) Excerpts from the author's "Don Quixote" of the second sally od Don Quixote of the valorous Don Quixote success Don Quixote del la mancha to sancho panza, governor of the island of barataria sancho panza to Don Quixote del la mancha Don Quixote at Barcelona William Ellery Channing (Rhode Island 1780-1842) from "self-culture" (self culture) Francois Auguste De ChateauBriand (France 1768-1848) From "ATALA" Thomas Chatterton (England 1752-1770) The minstrel's song in aella (poem) Resignation (poem) Morning (poem) Geoffrey Chaucer (London, 1340-1400) "father of the English poetry" The prologue of the canterbury tales The Earl of Chesterfield ( London 1694-1773) From "Letters to his son" Gilbert Keith Chesterton (English, 1874-...) The Great Popularity A note on the future of Dickens Rufus Choate (Massachusetts, 1799-1859) Daniel Webster a further tribute to wester Marcus Tullius Cicero (Roman (Italy), 106 B.C. - 43 B.C.) On Old Age Cleanthes, pupil of Zeno, founder of the Stoic Philosophy (Assos 331 BC - 232 BC) died 232 BC of Voluntary starvation! Hymn to Zeus Arthur Hugh Clough (Liverpool 1819-1861) Say not the struggle naught availeth SAmuel Taylor Coleridge (English 1772-1834) The Rime of the ancient mariner (very long poem) William Collins (England 1721-1759) How sleep the brave, Ode to Evening, William Wilkie Collins (London 1824-1889) A terribly strange bed Confucius (Chinese Philosopher 551 BC- 476 BC) The sixteen sacred maxims, Religious relief, Eliza Cook ( London 1818-1889) The Old Arm-chair (poem) James Fennimore Cooper (New Jersey 1789-1851) The Attack of the Blockhouse Abraham Cowley (London 1618-1667) Of Obscurity William Cowper (England 1731- 1800) Light shining out of darkness on the loss of the royal George The Diverting history of John Gilpin Dinah M Mulock Craik (England 1826 - 1887) The bread Riot, from "John Halifax, gentleman" Francis Marion Crawford (popular American novelist born in Italy 1854-1909) The upper Berth Louisa Macartney Crawford (London 1808-??) Kathleen Mavourneen

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