Organic Chemistry, Second Edition, By Seyhan N Ege

Organic Chemistry,   Second Edition, By Seyhan N Ege
Title: Organic Chemistry,   Second Edition

Author: Seyhan N Ege

Year 1989
hard cover
1280 pages
Publisher: DC Heath and Company

Content: Structure Bonding in organic compounds, Covalent bonding, 
chemical reactivity, reactions of organic compounds as acids and bases, 
reaction pathways, alkanes and cycloalkanes, stereochemistry, 
Nucleophilic substitution and elimination reactions, alkenes, alkynes, 
infrared spectroscopy, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, alcohols,
 diols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, addition reactions, electrophilic carbon 
atoms, carboxylic acids derivatives I,  Nucleophilic substitution reactions at
 the carbonyl group, carboxylic acids and their derivatives II. synthetic 
transformations and compounds of biological interest. enols and enolate 
anions as nucleophiles I . alkylation and condensation reactions, polyenes, 
enols and enolate anions as nucleophiles II . Conjugate addition reactions, 
Ylides, Chemistry of aromatic compounds I. Electrophilic aromatic 
substitution. Free radicals, mass spectrometry, The chemistry of amines. 
The chemistry of aromatic compounds, synthetic transformation, chemistry
 of hetrocyclic compounds, carbohydrates, amino acids, reptides and 
proteins, macromolecular chemistry, concerted reactions. 

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